white_van_death (white_van_death) wrote,

Continuing on random stuff

So various people are leaving me in dark and I turned into a black sheep. People claim I never go out. I do go out on random nights and do what I feel pretty much, for the justification of I have no idea what is happening due too a lack of communication skills maybe. For what I do hear, sometimes I wish I was better off being as blind as I physically am.
Since the loss of the car my wool changed its colours afterwards. I still talk with random people at random times. I know many people and try to get to see as many as I can.
I tried to talk about feelings about something my girlfriend said the other day and somehow, someway a U-Turn happened and it ended up being my fault? My head is still spinning from that one and its been a couple days. What too do with that now, if I knew I might not be sitting here.
As things are I planned what I wish to do for a career and plan to see how much training I need to become one or other. Its the same things but different in whats needed. I might plan to take a general training course and go from there.
~sigh~ I been doing things too keep me busy otherwise. I been stopping myself from wanting to commit murder against various people. Brothers, acquittances, and a lot of sharp/blunt objects is most the plant if I were. But I believe I can be better than that.
Well bring it world as I guess I have a lot of fights and little time to prepare for everything I want to do. Career, family, friends, relationship, I dont want these to be the monsters that I have to overcome to continue with life.
I figure I'd place a post and continue too die inside and let the world know. I don't expect sympathy cause that would involve more people actually contacting me, and I dont need people going out of their way for something they dont normally do.

Nate out.
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