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A New Hope...

I'm still looking for a new place and having no luck with it. I currently am looking and when I try too talk with people I'm just seeing that I'm heard but not listened too. There is no point in talking if nobody is going to bother to do anything with me anymore. Yes there is a number too reach me at, only 2 people asked what it was. I can even list them cause they are at least nice enough too ask.

Thank you Kazu and Monkey Boy for caring and chatting too continue too help me. I now a lot can't be done unless I do it myself, but I know should I need anything these people are there too help/listen should I need an ear.

I've been very violent lately and about things that don't normally push my buttons. It worries me on that part, maybe I'm to stressed with everything I'm trying to do at once. But if it isn't done I'm kinda homeless.

I've applied at a couple places and hoping to hear replies, not a lot of people have stepped up for references so I'm at a small loss on that. People continue to expect me to get a car in the near future and also somehow afford everything. Instead of the car I bought the computer as a form of trying to talk with people. Yet only the 2 I listed really make a attempt.

I hope everyone else enjoys themselves while I go rot in the corner and continue trying to fix my life.
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