white_van_death (white_van_death) wrote,

Left in the dark

Yeah here I am, I'm still around if anyone still read Livejournal. People want Facebook and to have as many friends as they can to show who has the biggest dick.

I continue being ignored by people with next too little human contact, but yet I'm out too much. But I'll explain that too those who I want too know... Unless I go out of my way too see people I either ignored or brushed aside. I don't think that should need too be happening but whatever is keeping me sane I can't complain too much.

Went too my brother's (the gay-gay one) birthday which he done a poor job of planing for me to even try to do anything. Small story on this one so have a seat, what started a call about 3 weeks before hand he has explained he wishes too do something for birthday. I say let me know where and when and we will see about maybe getting the day off for me too plan it as I need too. 1 week after that I call asking when and where if he wants me too attend any shindig that may take place, with no return call. The Friday that releases my work schedule for that week and I`m sitting at my parents place talking and my brother asks me and I qoute `So your coming on Wednesday for my brithday?`. So I look at him square in the eye with a cold look saying, if you gave me that information 1 week ago I could of. Now since I work days and done at 18:00 (6pm), I can get downtown to enjoy the dinner that he wishes too have at Johnny G`s. I call the day I find this out explaining in some moon language (I`m guessing from his point of view) that I can`t make the bowling prior but can make the dinner and ask where it is. Now I give about and hour and a half for 2 games of bowling too finish and I start WALKING to Johnny`s from Bourbon. I kinda half rush too get there. Now here is the main part that annoyed me the most, he bothered too tell nobody that I`d be sitting at Johnny`s upon thier arrival and sat and waiting for an hour for them too finish a EXTRA game of bowling!

Work (Convergys) is trying too pull a nice one on me right now and wanting me too break the very fabric of space/time and be at work for 8:45 AM too start when the bus doesn`t get me there until 10:00 AM. Tricky I say as I have no car and explained that I can work when the bus does, I guess until they notice that is what is going to happen that I will create my own work schedule and work from when I can get too I know when I can leave at the right hour. Whats that you say? I might get fired? I laugh at you my friend as they will only give me whats called a Attendance Management Program (AMP). Now what these AMPs do is a very poor warning system of how close you are too getting fired. Now as I have been trained, after 1 or 2 AMPs they will fix your schedule to how it works for you if your having a pattern of lateness/absence/etc. So I get what I want after a couple of chats with supervisors saying I`m late every Sunday for some reason and `maybe I shouldn`t party on Saturdays`. A win for me over any corporate owner no matter ho small is a win for me. I should count them while I have them.

LARP in general has 2 points of view right now. One of confusion and makes me wanna stab people, the other is going well and having fun.
I play David the Gangrel who is known but isn`t required too do anything around the court which has a lot of ups than you would think. People know my character but yet nobody higher than me is leaving me things too do.
I also play a character named Alex, now I been annoyed not at the ST`s themselfs but at the lack of chatting among each other when I am being told one thing then another. But as I have been informed for the meantime, that the confusion will stop as of the last ST meeting. Thank you guys!

Well I work in the morning and I guess I should get dishes done before heading too the sack for some sleep. I been lacking it for many reasons and should get back too the tea that has helped before.

*I would place a quote here but my laptop keyboard is FUCKED up yet again*

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