white_van_death (white_van_death) wrote,

Roller Coaster

My life at the moment has had nothing but stress in it and there are many reasons why. I won't bother to get into them cause some people causing the stress may be reading it. But it basically goes like so:

The ONLY school that WAS acting upon my apps I have sent out have been doing nothing but beating around the bush and they have 1 chance left to give some answers cause if they waste my time again I just won't bother.

I basically froze all day due to that my winter gear is at my ex-girlfriend's place and every plan I have started (meaning that bridge doesn't even have the blueprints yet) ends up making me fall flat on my face and gets me no where and fast.

Work has been dicking around and contradict themselves more than the Bible. I have only seen one other person reach that limit with me. Also my pay stub is no where to be found, also I only got $200 when I had at least $490 in bills to pay plus a parking ticket which was another $50 on top of that.

My plans to go to a event this weekend been shot in the foot many times over cause of the lack of fund to go. But I went down south once this year and I will be happy with that for now.

My grandmother passed away at the age of 93 in her sleep. This didn't bother me that much, what bothered me was the drama afterwards that I received news of, but that got all cleared out afterwards.

Not everything has been bad though, here is a small list of things:

I have a roommate that cleans up after themself and does many things to help out too boot.

My nieghbour has fed me while I had nothing but the clothes on my back with no job, which I am thankful for. Various friends/family helped me in the situation I was in to climb as slow as it was to get where I currently am.

So life continues on and somehow I will as much as a Aboriginal people claim to help one another I have yet to see that. Maybe I should give up on my claim of being native and stick with my moms side of the family and have nothing to do with them ever again.

"Until our swords cross again"
Nate out
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