white_van_death (white_van_death) wrote,

Too true...

Well I heard back from the people for the police force and the message I was told (brother took the call) that I was approved and they need some extra information and needed to speak with me.

Well I showed up later that day and I had 2 choices in front of me. One being that I miss the rest of day of work and wait too see someone, or I make a appointment. I went with the appointment that was this morning and explained to work that I would be late.

So I enjoyed my weekend and won a meet and greet with Cage the Elephant, drank with friends, LARPed. Now its Monday 9 AM and I show up speaking that I have a appointment and arrived too see that I have not been approved for the training course. They were not even sure that I was approved and had too double check the e-mail. Yeah they are willing to e-mail everyone but me.

The reason I explain this I feel shattered and need too pick myself up. So excuse me as I be emo here again.

Nate out.
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