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Still alive

As much as my enemies dislike it I am still alive and kicking (mostly kicking my brothers, but still kicking!) and trying to get things in order for myself.

I have managed to get enough money for a cell phone since the land line getting running again looks like a light I'll never reach at the end of a tunnel. I gave the number to those I trust to not had it out like candy. Mmmmmm... Candy...

I might have a chance at a car in the near future if things go well enough with a possible new job. Hes done way too much for me and I can't even think of how much I owe him if it all works out.

The courier life has been great for my physical exercise that I have been needing. I can carry quite a bit and getting close to running 3 blocks without wanting to throw up. I also been trying to cut a fair amount of crap out of my diet which is even how I'm losing weight, also my addiction to caffeine has gone from need some daily to at the most three to four days.

As much as I'm getting better with everything I not exactly making a lot of money where I can enjoy my life the way I wish too. I don't want a lot of money, just enough to enjoy what I liked doing before I got myself into the horrible mental state I was in.

But I'm still hoping to hear back from the Ab Center (Aboriginal Center for those who don't know) where I can get my training in for becoming a local police officer. I'll have to give them my new number and hope they actually change it on their file this time and not get the message 3 weeks later like the previous time they tried to reach me. I remember sitting at the Ab Center once and they tried to convince me to change my e-mail address and I explained that a e-mail address is not taken seriously is it? They didn't have much of a answer after that and I continued on.

One of my sisters came to the city a while ago and its good to have a face that I can remember more so now as compared to when I was somewhere between the age of three to five.

My birthday was a while ago and I'm planning this for this weekend to happen most people are invite to come over as some company over here make it feel more homely. I think I can count on my hands the amount of people that come over (not counting family) and have attempted to visit me which doesn't impress me much, but I thank those who have come by to see me.

I done a couple things I have not done for a while and one of them was order popcorn from my friend's Cub pack. I will be hyper then ever come X-mas.

I'm starting to rabble on here I should quit while I'm ahead, ahead of what I'm not sure yet.

"Until our swords cross again"
Nate out.
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